To prepare Ratatouille, in a medium saucepan, heat olive oil over medium heat. Add garlic and onions and cook. Stirring it often until softened. Add eggplant, stir until coated with oil. Add peppers. Cover for 10 minutes. Stir it occasionally to keep the vegetables from sticking. Add tomatoes, zucchini, and herbs, mix well. Cover and cook over low heat about 15 minutes, or until eggplant is tender but not too soft.



To prepare pork medallions with mustard caper sauce, flatten the pork rounds slightly by using a rolling pin to an even ½ inch thickness first. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Melt butter in heavy large skillet over medium high heat. Add pork to skillet, sand sauté until brown and cooked through about 2 minutes per side. Transfer pork to plate. Add shallots to skillet, stir for 1 minute. Add chicken broth and cream. Boil until sauce is thick enough to coat spoon. Mix in capers and mustard. Return pork to the sauce. Simmer mixture until pork is heated through, about 1 minute. Season it with salt and pepper to taste.


To cook the Pan-seared tilapia fillet with provencal vegetables, cook the vegetable first. Warm the oil, add the garlic and cook for about 1 minute. Add onion, fennel, and red peppers. Cook until soft. Add tomatoes and pernod. Add herbs and season with salt and pepper. Cover and simmer on medium low until vegetables are soft. To prepare the fish, remove any pin bones using tweezers. Pat the fish dry with paper towels. Season it with salt and pepper. Warm the oil in a non stick pan, and then sear the fish for about 5 minutes per side. To assemble, divide the sautéed vegetables among plates, top each plate with a fillet portion of fish. Add some fennel fronds for garnish. 


To prepare 1 Philly Cheese Steak, the ingredients are: 32 ounces of thin sliced rib eye or eye roll steak. 6 teaspoon of oil, Cheese Whiz, 4 crusty hotdog rolls, 1 large Spanish onion, 1 green and red peppers sautéed in oil. For the preparation, heat a non-stick pan over medium heat. Add 3 tablespoons of oil to the pan and sauté the onions to desired doneness. Remove the onions, then add the remaining oil and sauté the slices of meat quickly in both sides. While meat is cooking, melt cheese whiz in a double boiler. Once the meat is done, place 8 ounces of the meat into the rolls. Add onions, and pour the Cheese Whiz over top. Garnish with bell peppers. Best when served warm. 


To prepare 1 Monte Cristo sandwich, the ingredients are: 2 slices of white bread, butter if needed, 30 grams of sliced turkey or chicken breast, 30 grams of sliced ham, 30 sliced Swiss cheese, 1 beaten egg, 30 milligrams of milk. For the preparation, butter one side of bread, and then cover with slice of ham and a slice of turkey and top with a slice of cheese. Butter the other slice of bread and press sandwich slightly and secure with toothpicks. Beat eggs with milk and salt. Dip sandwiches into the egg mixture and fry on a hot skillet or griddle in butter or margarine. Brown all sides. Add more butter when necessary. Remove toothpicks before serving. Best when you served it warm. 


To prepare deviled eggs, first boil the eggs in a large sauce pan with half way of water. Add a teaspoon of vinegar to the water, to contain egg whites from leaking out if any of the shells crack while cooking. Add a pinch of salt. Let it boil for 12-15 minutes. Drain hot water from pan and run cold water over the eggs. At this point, you can crack the egg shells while the eggs are cooling, it will make it easier to peel the shells. After peeling, use a sharp knife, to slice the egg in half lengthwise. Gently remove the yolk halves in a small mixing bowl. Arrange the egg white halves in a serving platter. In a bowl, mash up the yolk using fork. Add mustard, mayonnaise, onion, Tabasco, and a sprinkling of salt and pepper. Spoon the egg yolk mixture into egg white halves. Sprinkle with paprika.


To prepare Pan-seared Solewith Sauteed Chanterelles and parsley butter sauce, do the fish first. Warm the oil in a non stick pan, and then sear the fish for about 5 minutes per side. Season it with salt and pepper. Then set aside. For the mushroom, warm the butter and oil in a sauté pan, set over medium high heat. Add mushrooms, season with salt and pepper. Cook until liquid releases and evaporates. For the parsley butter sauce, melt the butter and let it sizzle. Squeezed some few drops of lemon juice into the butter. Drizzle over the plates of fish and mushrooms.

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